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Helper IV

Can't register or post to GoDaddy Community? Set your language to US-English after logging in.

Are you logging in from outside the US? Make sure you setup your language as US-English after logging in.


Here's the logged in header with Canada-English set. You will get an error if you try to post in the community. If you have anything other than US-English in the header you won't be able to use the community.


So switch to US-English WHILE YOU'RE LOGGED IN to your GoDaddy account. The URL will switch to and the language should be United States-English before you navigate over to to register a handle and begin interacting.


Trust this will be fixed eventually by the GoDaddy Community caretakers and stewards.

Alex Sirota, PMP - NewPath Consulting - Schedule some time with Alex
"At the moment of commitment, the universe conspires to assist you." -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Community Manager

Thanks for writing this up, Alex! I'll fold it into a post for onboarding new community members.

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Community Manager

Great post! Thanks so much Alex!


Community Manager

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Advocate II

Yup - got burned by that, but remembered that it had to be US - English when I noticed out of the corner of my eye that my language was set to UK- English.