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Cannot get my avatar to be saved.

I see a few users here have been able to upload their own avatar.  Unaccountably I cannot do that to the one I use at probably 30 other sites.  I got online with "chat" but after trying a few things I told him it was not worth the effort and a waste of both his and my time.


I can upload the image from my computer or from my website .


I crop it, save it, then accept the thumbprint and save, but it never shows up.  It if has to be reviewed by a moderator I can understand that, but that was not explained nor was it saved anywhere at my account where a moderator could approve it.


Thanks for looking!


Re: Cannot get my avatar to be saved.

Hey @JStateson


Sorry about the trouble there. Yes, all image uploads currently require review and approval with our moderation team before they can be displayed live.


I went ahead and had your pending request reviewed and approved. Should already see your custom image displayed now. Smiley Happy


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