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Advocate VI

Community Message and Email Notifications

I would not call this a BUG, but it might be something for the back-end tech folks to investigate. Someone mentioned me (by using @webdiva) in a post. I got an email notification immediately, which was great. 

Then about 5 minutes later, I got ANOTHER email about the same thing, saying I was mentioned in a post. And from what I could see, it was the same post. Nothing different that I could see.


I'm guessing that maybe the author edited the post, and re-saved it. And each time it's saved, anyone mentioned gets notified. Does anyone know if that's the case? If so, then I may have unknowingly bugged people by editing posts to clean up formatting or add words -- because if they were mentioned, they got notified more than once.


Not sure what the fix might be. If this is intended behavior by design, then that's fine. But if people are getting multiple notifications and should not be notified (other than the first time they are mentioned in a particular response), then maybe there is some improvement to be made. 


Helper III

I've also noticed this, among other issues that certainly seem like bugs.  It may be designed that way I suppose, but I couldn't say.  Here is what I've noticed in addition to what you've mentioned above:


- When a moderator/admin edits a post, it shows up in my notification feed that the original poster has replied to their post, even if the original post is the only message they have posted.

- When the above situation occurs, notifications in the notification feed appear to no longer be in chronological order.

- Regardless of notification settings, I never get an email when someone responds to a post I am subscribed to.


Nothing that's really bad, just some minor annoyances.  Everything still seems to work okay for me even with these issues, although it would be nice if they were changed.


Anyway, thanks for listening!

Hey @webdiva@jvanderb,


Thanks for bringing this up! We're going to look into this more on our end. Anymore feedback regarding the notifications is appreciated. Smiley Happy


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