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Customer Service Account Access?

My bank has canceled my credit cards due to fraudulent activity but are unable to tell me anything beyond multiple questionable transactions were attempted from a vendor with whom I make recurring automated payments.

There are only seven entities with whom I have any automated payments so I'm trying to figure out where the problem is so I can try to prevent a recurrence of this.

Has anyone experienced unusual billing activity from GoDaddy? I called support and spoke to some weekend supervisor guy, but he said they wouldn't help but would be happy to take my new credit card info.

Two of the other companies had no problem helping me, two said to call back Monday because the weekend support staff didn't have access to that level of customer accounts. Two aren't open on the weekends but one is stonewalling and won't escalate the issue. They said the weekend supervisor is the top level of phone support
customers are entitled to and no one else will be included in the resolution process.

The lack of support is disappointing, but it's really no worse than any other company that transitions from customer-centric support to spreadsheet focused service. Disappointing sums it up well enough.

Paying for disappointment is the new normal though, so it's expected. What isn't expected is stonewalling on something as serious as identity theft/customer account security. I don't think that's normal. Not even an open case that gets exiled to Outer Mongolia and never followed up on. Nothing. Just a previously unknown ceiling on a service level agreement.

Does anyone know how to contact GoDaddy other than via email, chat or phone? The phone is how they want to handle billing questions, but that isn't exactly helpful when phone support beyond the weekend staff isn't available to customers on the phone.

I don't know what to do. I depend on GoDaddy services but giving them more payment information seems like a less than great idea when payment information being misused is what started everything. It's not very fair.
Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Customer Service Account Access?

Hi @JM02. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. In a situation like this, someone from our billing team would be able to look up any charges using your credit card number. For that reason, a lookup of that nature can only be done via telephone. I'm not sure who you spoke to, but that would be the correct course of action. In the US, you can call 480-505-8855 to get connected with them. If you're outside of the US, you can call any of the numbers listed here and they should be able to transfer you to the billing team. Hope you were able to get this resolved.


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Re: Customer Service Account Access?

Jesse, I've been trying to reach customer service call center for four days now. I wait on the line for 40+ minutes and nobody picks up. I tried scheduling a callback. I got a callback and was put on hold for another 40 minutes. Never got to talk to a living person. What is going on? I am calling because the website hosted on GoDaddy is down for I don't know how long, and I can't get through to the customer service. Are your lines down?