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Delegate access

Hi I have had my site a few weeks now, I am the rank building stage of things at the moment. My organization is non profit and I'm getting it set up from sole trader to cooperative CIC right now. So, reading about the delegate access aspect of this network, I thought this would aid the cooperative ethos side of proceedings. Can any one offer me any advice on this matter. How to go forward. Etc. Also, if anyone is interested in linking in, the charitable ethos of Astarte Arts is rooted in combating homelessness and social isolation through the medium of the arts.
Super User II

To explain it simply in the account Dashboard, Delegate Access grants other users access to the My Products tab but not the Account Settings tab.  Optionally you can grant individual users purchasing power.


Each user would need their own GoDaddy account (if they already have one or create one for free), then after you send and they accept the invite they can select the account under Delegate Access.


This allows those you select to access and manage the products just as you would, but not be able to see or modify the account profile, billing and payment methods, etc.  Obviously you would still only want to grant access to those you trust to manage the products (domains, hosting, website, etc), but there are a few more restrictions like moving a domain out of the account is disabled for example.

Hi thanks for the information here. For what you have written and also all the useful links. Delegate access seems much more of a living idea rather than a concept I don't quite understand anymore.