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Does Godaddy website connect with NCC's Reflection POS

I saw this post.  Can the same be used with Reflection point of sale system?

Can you link a Point of sale to Go Daddy Website?

I had a store front before and now I'm moving the store online. Its going well, but it got me thinking in long terms. When we can be open to the public again, I'd like to still use the website. Can you link a Point of sales system to Go Daddy to keep sales and inventory current? I know square  links to a Website and I looked into it but didn't like that website.


Thanks for the help!


Hi @diybs,


Welcome to the Community!

That's a great question, but the answer could vary. If you're using GoDaddy's Websites+Marketing builder, you can choose one or more payment methods from Stripe, Square and PayPal for your online store. There are no current plans to include the NCC POS, but it is a suggestion we can pass along to our developers. 


If you are using WordPress for your online store, there are a number of POS options through the use of Plugins. You can view some of those 3rd-party options here



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