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Helper I

Greater Effectiveness with Posts and Responses

Pre-qualification – the following is said on the basis of me not knowing.

I haven't had the time to look for it.


Is there a method, whereby we can click on 'something', and have access to our correspondence?

For instance:

Click on button say.

New window opens with what I have posted, and what I have replied, among some other handy features which will begin coming to our minds.

This will facilitate easier individual tracking of what we do.

Thinking beyond that, the posts and responses can be built into a community manual.

If it is there, would someone be kind enough to point me there.

If it's not, maybe consideration can be given to something like this.



Super User I

Hi @GeorgeL, if you click on your nifty little avatar in the upper right of the page, and go to your Profile, there's a gold mine of personal stuff there: your about/bio, your earned badges, then a list of your latest posts/replies, followed by more stuff, and eventually your kudo'ed posts, plus posts you have kudo'ed.

In other words, the history is all there, you just have to know where to look.

Some sections on this page show only the most recent posts, but there's an arrow near the top right of the section, and you can click for the complete list.

I have used this quite a bit to go back and find something I knew I had posted, but could not remember where (or which section...).