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Horrible customer service


I had made a purchase on March 13 and unfortunately my first transaction was failed and I had to make another transaction. It has been 18 days to the incident and I still haven't received my money back. During these 18 days I have contacted GoDaddy several times and I always received a response that they are arranging a call back but I never received any call back. 
Things got really bad in my last chat session when the representative told me that there is no history of my communication with godaddy. 
Today I have called to godaddy again and none of the supervisors are willing to talk to me and for the past two days I have been told that there is a meeting going on for all the supervisors and they are going to arrange a call back. Again NO CALL BACK. And miraculously all my history of communication came back again.
Your support team had sent a mail to ccavenue last week and forgot to update me on their response for two weeks. So much for award winning customer support. Since CCAvenue is a vendor of godaddy why godaddy's customers are responsible for the inconvenience of talking to third party vendor?

On top of all of above I just found that service executives provide an email address to contact via email. That email address does not work any more.

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Hi @venukagupta95,

you start off by saying that your payment process failed. 

If it failed then no money would have been transferred. Then I assume the second payment succeeded, so what then is your issue?

Did you pay by card or cheque?


if paying by cheque then the cheque would have to clear before a refund was given. You may be aware of the  many frauds online.................. 

Any other payment methods would have to clear too before any refund was given. 

I have experienced, on multiple occasions, instances where I am told an online transaction has failed but money was still taken from my credit card, so I don't think the OP is lying about that.

First payment was made through a credit card. I have shared all the transaction information with the godaddy team and CCAvenue team. I received a failed transaction message from godaddy but money was deducted from my account and my statement reflects that it was transfered to godaddy_com_CCA. 


I was told by Mr. Vinay that the reversal process is in pending state from CCAvenue and he can see that on his system. There is no option for attaching a file here else I would have attached the evidence of transfer from my bank. I have also sent a mail to service team of CCavenue and have not received from them in past 3 days.


Further, every godaddy representative is so much willing to get my contact number to arrange a callback but this is they never call back or even try to contact via email. I requested some information from the team over mail and they told me that the information was shared on my registered email ID and I am still waiting for that information.


If you paid with a credit card, it may be wise to contact your credit card company (if you haven't already). Whenever that has happened to me (with other companies), my credit card company has told me that they release the funds, like an authorization for them to be taken, but that if the transaction fails the funds are eventually returned simply by nature of the merchant not taking them. It's still an inconvenience, but if you check with your credit card company, since you've already contacted godaddy, they might be able to assist you or at least explain what's happened.

Thanks for your response. I have contacted my bank and they have shared the statement with me containing information about to whom the payment was made. According to statement it was made to godaddy_com_CCA. 


I have also faced the same issue multiple times and usually refund is initiated within 24 hours. Thing that concerns me the most is that every time I talk to a godaddy representative, I receive a different set if instructions and different information. Following are examples of different information that I reveived:

1) Payment is pending from CCavenue

2) We can not see the status of your payment from our end

3) We need transaction information for both transactions

4) We need transaction information for failed transaction

5) We need bank statement for failed transaction

6) We have sent a mail to ccAvenue. Will call you back when they respond. (I am still waiting for a call back from them)



Now I have even dropped a mail to CCavenue and they also have not responded yet and godaddy is not event willing to talk to their own merchant.