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Helper II

How do Labels work?

I understand tags - they're just like tags on a blog post.


But I don't get labels. I tried putting some text in the box for this post as an experiment. 


What is the difference between a Label and a Tag? 


The introduction to the forum says to Label your post as a Question (for example), but how do you do that? Type in a question mark? Robot Frustrated


I just tried to post and received a Red WarningCannot contain the characters '/', '\', '#', '?', or ';'.  Robot surprised


I don't want to end up on the bad boy list... Cat Surprised ... so I deleted what I typed in the Labels field. 







Mark D Worthen PsyD
Clinical-Forensic Psychology
Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: How do Labels work?

Heya @mdwpsyd. Labels are like categories for topics. They help organize discussions. We're not using them a whole lot right now, aside from two labels we've created for a number of forums: "Suggestion" and "Question".


You can choose the Question label when you post a new thread, but the Question label isn't present in every forum.


Tags, on the other hand, are like keywords for a post. So if you start a discussion about building a website with WordPress, for example, you could use "wordpress" as a tag. The more people use the same tags, the more useful the tags become for finding related discussions.


Hope that helps!