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Community Team

How do you keep yourself working efficiently?

I was reading a post on Medium earlier today about "the myth of long hours". In a nutshell the author talks about how team efficiency and cohesiveness is more important than cranking out long hours on a regular basis.


Key quote:


"One rowing stroke done right goes further than 10 strokes out of time."


Which got me to thinking... how many hours are freelancers pouring into the daily/weekly grind? How do we go about "making the right stroke" so that we don't burn out?


Interested in hearing your thoughts. 🙂

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Re: How do you keep yourself working efficiently?

I typically work between eight (8) to one hundred and sixty-eight (168) hours per week. I find work/life balance a bit difficult and probably like most business owners I tend to work when there is a need (hoping there is never a 168 hour need). The thing I always try to repeat is "If you can't go on vacation you don't own your business your business owns you." I try to apply the "work smarter not harder" philosophy in all things and work is no different.

I demand my employees take four consecutive weeks off at least once during the year, I haven't gotten any argument yet. More than how many long you work, you should also look at how you work long hours. Stand up, walk on a treadmill, take frequent breaks, get a plant, take time to talk to people, decorate your space to your taste, eat healthy, make sure that you participate in activities outside of work... Turns out there is more to life than working all day.

...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

roy darling *my posts seem a lot shorter in my head

Helper I
Helper I

Re: How do you keep yourself working efficiently?

I have learned, to work more efficiently, you must spend more time 'relaxing'.


Paradoxical you say?!


When you do just that, you derive your own natural balance, between work and 'fun'.


Without that balance, going either way, can burn you out, into broke.