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How to ensure my debit card is billed in USD, not a foreign currency - US-based Business.

My debit card is from a US bank and with a US address. My business is registered in the US.


Yet GoDaddy insists on billing me in a foreign currency. A year or so ago, you could change the billing currency with something at the top of the GoDaddy web page.


For next time how can I get GoDaddy to bill my debit card in USD, not a foreign currency?


If GoDaddy have removed the functionality to choose the billing currency, can they add it back?

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Hi @Mars2017,

You say your credit card is from a USA bank, that your business is 'registered' in the USA ( simply put, with a website that your server is USA based) but if you read the following you will see a mention that you will be billed in a currency applicable to your credit card billing address.


If this is other than USA then this is probably why you are billed in the currency applicable for that country.

But you can always phone support to confirm this, or not and see if there is an alternative solution ( apart from moving to Alabama....... ) Cat Happy