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Issue with GoDaddy Online Storage


No doubt the wrong location for this post but there is not one for online storage - I wonder why


I have had an ongoing issue with online storage syncronisation for over a year. I have spent more than 6 hours on the phone with online help and even eventually  got them to raise a support ticket. This was raised last November and I have yet to receive a response. 

The issue is this - My host computer sets up a syncronisation  for a folder with subfolders with an online mainfolder. Normal business workflow means that files will be deleted or renamed from time to time - This suprised the godaddy helpdesk. So what happens is that when I delete a file from the syncronised folder on my host computer , I wake up the next morning to find it has magically reappeared. Similarly, as my workflow is such that I have to rename a file on my host computer  - maybe I misspelt it, I wake up the next morning to see the renamed file and hey ! - the misspelt file as well ! From a busness perspective this is totally unacceptable and not as described in the advertising as a fully two way syncronisation. As far as I can see no database of file signatures is being maintained to validate changes to file structures etc. I am paying for domain hosting, webhosting, emails and online storage as I did not want to keep paying Microsoft money but I am now paying for a proiduct that does not work 

I do not understand why Godaddy does not seem to understand this. While engaging with the online help team, I emailed screen shots of the issue on numerous occasions and the support ticket was not raised unti I managed to get their tech team to go onto my account and they managed to replicate the issue - but did not do anything about it

Not Good


Richard - an unsatisfied customer in Scotland