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Just a Suggestion...allow marketers to embed links into the email subscription and email campaigns.

Hello! I am new to the community but not to GoDaddy. I have an active website which I have worked very hard to update in order to gain the attention of my target audience. Well, what do I do? I am a content marketing strategist, my specialty is inbound marketing. I find comprehensive ways to drive relevant traffic and leads to my customer's products and services.


My one suggestion for the production team is to implement a true email marketing system which will allow marketers to embed links into the email subscription and email campaigns you offer on site. At this time I need to purchase another product with this functionality in order to create the value my audience is looking for in exchange for the sign-up. I do not want to leave GoDaddy and start over on another platform but may need to in order to get the type of marketing services which make sense to my audience. Could I be doing something wrong?

Community Manager

Hi @iSimplyAssist. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! Thanks for the suggestion. I'm not sure if you're aware of it, but we do have GoDaddy Email Marketing which sounds like it might fit your needs. Perhaps that's what you mean by "another product" though. Were you looking to have that service integrated with a product you're already paying for? 


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