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Mass Photo Conversion

Currently, we are trying our best to improve our website speed at which was created with Wordpress. We are a tourist website, so our site is very photo heavy. We want to start converting all of our photos to WebP to improve our speeds.


My question is, there's got to be a better way to convert these photos rather than going through them one at a time. Could we, potentially, download all photos using FTP, do batch conversion, then re-upload them the same way? 


Additionally, while we have ownership of our website, our website designer holds the hosting information (our GoDaddy username and password). I'm able to post to these forums because we own the domains of other websites within our industry. When we asked them to convert the photos, they gave us a substantial quote. Our administration would rather we do it ourselves than pay the fee which I understand, but would rather not waste potentially months going through the photos one by one if there is a quicker option.


Our website designers are hesitant to give us the hosting information because they use it for their other sites as well. A secondary question is whether we can use an option that is not FTP to do this same process, or should I demand they provide the information?


Any answers would be very helpful!


Re: Mass Photo Conversion

Also, this was the first forum category that would let me post. I tried to put this under "Advice on Improving Your Site" but whatever additional label I picked wouldn't let me post. It kept saying "Label not available here." I don't know if that is a problem with GoDaddy, or what. Maybe I was missing something.


Re: Mass Photo Conversion

We have found a way to do the mass conversion very simply through this link:  You only have to download two free plugins to get the job done.


My secondary question still stands, however.