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Advocate II

More hierarchy in the forum structure

I would like to suggest introducing sub-topics. Forums like the developer forums can become very cluttered very quickly. Like I would only be interested in Javascript development (which in turn could even be subbed further to things like Angular / Node etc). Having to go through hundreds of PHP/WP related posts wouldn't be ideal.


[first post!]

Mike Kikkert | GD Reseller | Javascript specialist | SSL/Security and performance specialist.
Community Team

Good suggestion Mike! We'll be limiting the number of forums in the short term so discussions aren't too spread out. As activity grows we'll look at launching new forums on a case-by-case basis.


In the meantime, we can use tags to categorize posts within a forum.


When you create a post you'll see the "Message Tags" box in the sidebar. Dropping in keywords, like "JavaScript" or "PHP" in the Development forums, can help keep things organized.

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Helper V

How many pages do you see in the developer forum? I see just two pages, am I missing something?