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Need to add Category Content to newest Store

I've set up my categories and went back to add a block of copy to appear underneath the products shown for that category only to find out there is no place to do this (at least that I can find). AM I MISSING SOMETHING? This is required more-less by Google for ranking!! We desperately need a way to add a description to our categories (not to be confused with the SEO description). Look at any retail website and there is a block of copy on each category page describing the products in that category...Help? It would also be nice to have an OPTIONAL photo in this section so we can show the items in use.

Super User II



Don't know if you are "missing something" since you did not mention what platform you are building your store with? 😉  GoCentral?

"Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin

Yes, the newest store is GoCentral. That's the one I'm trying to get to work. I NEED to have copy for each category...



GoCentral only provides fields for the SEO Site Title and Description. So you are not missing anything. The good news is not having a Category specific description is not a kiss of death in of itself with search engines.


If you stay with GoCentral you can still effectively SEO by carefully crafting the available fields, using your targeted phrases in your category names and creating detailed and unique product descriptions including your targeted keyword phrases.


HTH! 😉



"Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin

Thank you for your response! Your suggestions are what I'm planning to do for now, however, I still feel strongly it is needed, if not for Google, for my customers. Here is where I explain in depth the variety of merchandise available in a particular category and various related information. My customers do not see this anywhere else, unless they click on each item and read each description, which is unlikely. This block of copy was available on the old Shopping Cart I was using, but I understand now that it is usually at the bottom of the page beneath the products. I would expect that this could be added fairly easily and I feel it is very important so I am asking that GoDaddy add it.