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No slack for new customers with billing issues

Called customer support (spoke to Giselle), and explained how I didn't realize this was a month-to-month purchase. It's Christmas time, my online store isn't ready to be used as I don't have inventory yet, asked for a refund on this first initial auto renewal fee as a courtesy and was turned down because I failed to call in within 48 hours. Giselle did refuse my request with a happy tone - thanks for that...NOT. Today was only the 3rd day since the charge went through on my bank account and I didn't know it was going to happen to begin with. No slack for a new customer during the holidays; I have a hard time believing GoDaddy needs my $31.97 more than I do right now - nice community. -Rebeca


Re: No slack for new customers with billing issues

Greetings @Rebeca,

Sorry to hear you're looking for a refund. The community can provide general information, advice, and educated guesses on technical and account issues, but we can't see your account or billing information.


You may want to contact Billing directly if you believe you have something that's not covered by our refund policy : (1-480-505-8855) 


I hope that helps,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Re: No slack for new customers with billing issues

Thomas, my post describes the RESULT of a call I'd ALREADY placed to customer service. The GoDaddy representative I spoke to, Giselle, provided the response I spoke of - she works with billing issues specifically. The purpose of my post was not to get answers FROM the community - it was to GIVE the community feedback regarding my personal experience dealing with GoDaddy customer service as a NEW customer. I'm disappointed with the unwillingness of GoDaddy to work with me my very first month. Apparently, my previous post and the survey I submitted will be the only sources of satisfaction I'll get from GoDaddy for a while. So, small as it may be, I'll take the opportunity to communicate clearly and out loud how disappointed I am with your customer service. I'll post a glowing review IF one is ever earned. -Rebeca