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Notifications of replies - notifications only when user mentions my user name

Currently I only receive a notification if a user mentions my user name in the thread but I do not receive a reply if someone simply replies to the thread without mentioning me. Is there a way to enable this?



Former Employee

Hi @justingodfrey, I'd like to say yes, but everything I see seems to indicate the only time we get notifications is when:


  • We are @mentioned
  • One of our posts receives a kudo
  • One of our posts is marked as an accepted solution
  • We rank up
  • We earn a new badge

So I do two things, I know if I click on my underlined screen name I can see recent threads I've been in and revisit them, and for especially interesting threads, I bookmark them and check in whenever I'm in the community. However, if someone else knows how to enable an automatic notification feature, please do post.



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