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Opt out of Rank

Could I please opt out of the stupid rank system.  The only reason i am here is because something isn't working/ something isn't working the way it did before and I need help.  So...when I get a new message notification, thinking it is an answer to a post, only to find out 'congratulations achievement got! - meowmeowbeans!' ....this is the equivalent of being kicked in the junk.


BTW i reject the rank skilled - I am not, and only an idiot would think they were because an imaginary rank stated thus.   



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Congratulations... Messiah level.... just joking 🙂 


Nobody forces anyone to join the forum, but folk do because either to offer help, or ask for help. Those of us who feel we have something to offer, do so, spending our time at no recompense. It's nice to get a little show of appreciation. An odd kudos here and there, a rank higher once in a while. It's just a nice recognition of the valuable time we spend helping out.

But I can see it from another perspective too, those who ask a lot more than offer any help, still they are recognised and appreciated too. But not one of us is made to stay if we choose not to,

yet I see you are online, so the forum must be of some use to you too.


You may bear in mind the next time you require some help that a little appreciation goes a long, long way. Smiley Frustrated