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Paste in Microsoft Edge

I am totally unable to paste into the editor (such as here) using Microsoft Edge. When I paste I get a message saying "Please use Ctrl-V/Cmd-V keyboard shortcuts to paste contents" even if I use the Ctrl-V keyboard shortcut.


In other editors I usually can switch to HTML view and paste there but HTML view does not work here.


I can use Microsoft Edge's developer tools to paste but that is a bit cumbersome.

Community Manager

Hi @SamHobbs


Very interesting. I hadn't heard of this myself but I did find a Microsoft forum post where others have seen similar issues on other sites. The suggestion there was to clear cache and cookies. That seems to only be a temporary work around though.


Has anyone else in the community had success getting Microsoft Edge to copy and paste with keyboard shortcuts? If so, how did you do it?


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Note that that forum post (suggesting to clear the cache and such) got just 2 votes.


I need to explain that I am unable to paste into Edge in any way, not just keyboard shortcuts. I said that keyboard shortcuts don't work because the message says to use keyboard shortcuts but not even that works. Everything works using Chrome, I can even use Ctrl-Ins in Chrome to paste.


See Cannot paste text into forums - Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community. It shows the problem but they are using IE11. It is not clear if they had the problem with Edge and I can't see whether they are using Lithium. See Pasting from Edge - Microsoft Power BI Community; that forum is using Lithium and the problem seems to be the same.


I tried going to the Lithium forum and search for "paste" and I got many results for "past". The search capability in the Lithium's own forum is useless.


Apparently Lithium uses TinyMCE. I found Copy/Paste issue in Win 10/Edge · Issue #2505 · tinymce/tinymce · GitHub, in case that helps.

Community Manager

Hey @SamHobbs,

Would you please check to see if you're still having this issue. Thanks!



cc: @JesseW

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I can cut and paste in FireFox and IE11, but not in Chrome or Edge. What is the technical difference causing this problem and how do I fix it?