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Phone greeting needs changing

The phone greeting has not changed substantially since 1999, but needs to be more efficient and quicker. It wastes time (and money) for GoDaddy and customers having to listen to useless sentences.


"Thank you for contacting our sales and support line"
Shorten it to "Thanks. GoDaddy Sales and support."


"Para espaniol, presione dos"
Unnecessary. This is the USA. Learn English.


"Your call may be monitored and recorded to ensure quality customer service"
Unnecessary. Who cares? We already know the NSA is recording every phone call.  Omit this for quicker customer service.


"If you are an existing customer press 1 now, otherwise please remain on the line"
"Existing customers, press 1".
Does anyone need to be told to remain on the line, and not hang up, to get help?


"Listen carefully as we have changed some of our menu options to serve you better."
No you have NOT. Since 1999 it is still
1 = General sales & support     (shorten to "Sales & Support")
2 = the Billing Department         ("Billing")
3 = Hosting sales & support     ("Hosting")


"Sorry about the delay, our representatives are helping customers just like you make a statement on the web"
My statement on the web is that this is a useless sentence only perpetuates the delay.
Just say "Sorry about the delay" period.


"If you wish to hold without music, press the pound our hash sign now."
1. The music is obnoxious and repetitive
2. Without music, the lady keeps nagging every minute, obnoxious and repetitive, like my wife
If anything, she should just say "Holding" every 2 minutes
Silence is golden. Or soft "elevator music" is better, so we can work while waiting. 
Thanks for getting rid of the Squirrel Nut Zippers.


"In silence, maybe you will think of your next great idea"
My statement on the web is that this is a totally useless sentence, only perpetuating the delay.


If you use 2 Factor Authentication, the lady's message is condescending and unnecessary.
"It appears we are unable to authenticate your account. We will need to authenticate before accessing your account. "
Duh. We know that our accounts need to be authenticated.  Should be "Thanks for using 2 Factor Authentication. Please wait."


Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Phone greeting needs changing

Thanks so much @CICorp for taking the time to point this out!! We are currently looking at all of this to improve the experience for great customers like yourself. I'm definitely going to share your post with our team. Take care!



Re: Phone greeting needs changing

The voice mail greeting should be as brief as possible and to the point.  No extra words.
Music should be as soft as possible to allow us to focus on other things while waiting.

If we want to hear entertaining music, there is plenty on the internet. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Phone greeting needs changing

Great suggestions @CIReg! Makes a ton of sense. Thanks much!


Re: Phone greeting needs changing

I ALWAYS press the hash or pound sign but the music plays anyway. For 20 minutes...