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Project Management Tools

What tools are you guys using to manage your client projects?


Back when I was doing client work our company used Teamwork; another firm I worked for used Replicon (a Canadian company); and a friend of mine swears by Freedcamp.


For personal stuff I've been bouncing between Todoist and Trello.


What about you?


Which tool did you find to be the most useful? 

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I'm still using PHPCollab and have been for years.  It allows me to keep my projects separate with user permissions that allow some to view tasks, some to create them and some to edit them.  It is an excellent open-source software that can be installed on my own website so I have complete control over it.

And the price is right.

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When I was a one man shop I purchased Projectfork Pro and have been using it on Joomla ever since. I chose it because it did not require a monthly or per user fee and like @D3 mentioned about PHPCollab it could be installed on my own website and I had complete control over it. I also created my design website frontend using Joomla so it fit right into my current infrastructure. That I could install it on a install that I already had was great for me and it made it so that I would not have to maintain a separate system/logins to my existing website.

There are great paid monthly or per user products out there that have more features but for the price I find Projectfork Pro the best option. Like PHPCollab Projectfork also has a GPL version 2 option for use.

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I've used a variety of different tools over the years. Basecamp at one employer, ManyMoon previous to that and BrightPod recently. Right now I'm using Podio and it's working well for me and the way I have it setup it's free for me to use with my side clients.


One of my favorite task management tools was one custom created by a previous employer. He developed the system in Access and we eventually grew it and expanded it to use SQL Server with both an Access application front-end and some web data entry portals. What I really liked about it is it combined task management, CRM, billing and invoicing all into one pretty seamlessly. I keep telling him he should develop a version that he could port out to the public for use.


I'm curious, what do you all use for keeping track of time and organizing it for client billing?


I used Basecamp for probably five or six years. I switched to Teamwork about a year ago. They are both similar to each other, but to me Teamwork is a little better.


I set up each client in Teamwork and to be honest most of them never go on there after (maybe) their first visit. But for our internal team it is still very useful. We use the task lists, notebooks, and even time and billing for a couple clients that we do hourly work for. We even store passwords there in a "TOP SECRET" project.

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I am from a marketing firm and here we use Binfire a our online project management software.

It fulfills all our needs from time tracking to multiple sub tasks and it's ideal a team of any size.

Also it's very cheap starts at $19.

check out their website

or take a demo

Currently using BaseCamp