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Quick Email Summary Links - Emails By Sender Count/Size

It would be ice in the web email client to have, on the page where you tell us how much space we have used up, a couple of quick summary links that would help us manage our emails in bulk.


These would be

Emails By Sender Count

Emails by Sender Size


Clicking the links would do a quick summary of senders and order them by count or by space taken

Clicking the senders name would do a search that would give you all of the emails...  not paged... so that you can flag all and delete all and purge all in one quick swoop

Would make my life easier and probably many others...


Please let me know what you think...  I will try to find your reply in my way too full inbox...

Community Manager

Hi @ajiman. Thanks for the suggestions. Those sound like very interesting ideas and I'd be happy to pass them on to our product team. However, we have webmail for a few different services, so it would be helpful to also say which email platform you're on (Workspace Email, Office 365, cPanel). Man Very Happy


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