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Reporting Phishing or Malware to GoDaddy

I recently forwarded an unopened email to  Prior to sending it, I used another device to preview the first couple of lines and saw that it was an obvious Phishing email.  The return I received from GoDaddy was for more information such as message header, message content, etc.  The problem I have with that approach is that it may require the email to be opened and if there is a payload of some sort attached, potentially infect the device.  Most people do not keep a digital sandbox separate from their work devices to open suspicious email messages.  I believe you need to rethink how you want customers to report Phishing attempts or malware as you could inadvertently cause a customer to be infected by following your guidelines.  My advice, use as a digital sandbox for GoDaddy and have someone or an automated agent triage the information, extract the important data for analysis and forward it based on analysis of the information to an appropriate person/database.   

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Super User II

Re: Reporting Phishing or Malware to GoDaddy

Hello, I hope you are well.We should always check emails before forward them. People try to theft your information by illegal means. 


If you receive what you suspect is a fake GoDaddy email, you should forward it to and so they can investigate. Not only will they tell you if the email happens to be real, but you can also help prevent domain theft as well.


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Community Manager

Re: Reporting Phishing or Malware to GoDaddy

Hi @TQ. Thanks for the feedback. One option would be to forward the email in question as an attachment. That way you wouldn't need to open it and our agents could take a look at the email itself. I don't believe there are any restrictions on doing that, so I'd suggest giving that a try if you don't want to open the email. 


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