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Separation of Concerns & The Digital Ecosystem

This is a topic that I've been thinking about for a while now.
The question is if anyone else knows of a good book to read on the topic, or if there's a specific term for this that I've yet to learn about.

Today more and more companies are focusing on slimmer and slimmer niche's to fill. This separation of concerns is great IMO, as it keeps systems and companies from being overworked and thus quality being reduced. Is there a name for an overworked system is the question?

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Community Manager

Re: Separation of Concerns & The Digital Ecosystem

Hey @adampro. This definitely sounds like an interesting topic. Honestly, I'm not entirely sure what you mean, though. Perhaps you could explain what you mean by 'concerns'. Based on other things you've said, it seems like you mean the service or products that a company/service focuses on. That might help the conversation get moving.


The words that come to mind for me are service/product specialization propensity, but I couldn't find anything interesting when searching for those terms online. 


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Helper I

Re: Separation of Concerns & The Digital Ecosystem

Hi Jesse,

I've recently been doing a lot of business development type plans.

I'm looking at how various companies are now interconnecting with eachother.

One company provides 1 service or product, another provides a complimenting service or product.

A consumer then uses both products in unison to get a whole product that they use daily.

For me, for obvious financial gain reasons, if I could figure a niche that would work in harmony with another product/service, I could cross promote, enter into new markets, gain market exposure.