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Should Edit Post Have a Timeout?

I understand the use of being able to update a post and I have indeed updated many of my posts. I primarily update posts because I'm a designer and not a proofreader and my grammar can fail me sometimes. I don't know that I need to be able to update a post from three weeks ago though. There is a bit of concern on my part because you can truly change all of the content and that somehow seems troubling?

I would hate that I gave Kudos to a post that then completely changed, not that anyone I have noticed has done that. Certainly some timeframe to edit for us non-admin users is appropriate? 2 hours, 4 hours, 24 hours?

...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

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Community Manager

Hi @rd

I hear you on this! I'd like to see what other Community members have to share on this topic. How much time do you need? Generally when I write a post, I read it over before posting. Does 10 minutes work? Hope others will chime in. 


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The length of edit time doesn't really matter to me as long as there is a timeout and it is understood what that timeout is. Ten minutes sounds good @RachelM. I try to read through what I post but mostly I'm on my tablet and it reads better after posted, so I post then correct any issues in the post (hopefully small).

Another thing to consider is that people that are subscribed to posts or have replied to topics sometimes get multiple notifications when a edit is made. That also happens with @mentions, ideally the notification (if subscribed) would only come out once the edit timeout expired?

...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

roy darling *my posts seem a lot shorter in my head

Helper V

There are no easy answers. The problem exists in other forums, such as the Microsoft MSDN forums. MSDN posts can be edited anytime and there is the risk that something relevant to replies can be changed or removed. To a certain extent, we just have to trust that people will do the right thing.


It can be useful to edit a post many days later. For example, I once had a video resolution problem with videos I had edited. Many days later, after many replies from others, I discovered that the problem existed for only one video viewer program. I did not want people reading through many replies before discovering that all of it might not be relevant or useful for them. So I posted an update in my original post.