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Advocate VI

Should "launch link in new window" be the default? Links staying in the same window.

So when I add a link to my posts, I'm making sure they open a new window, since that's pretty typical when you know the link will leave the site.

I'm seeing other links now (in both posts and signatures) thare are staying in the same window. I would assume most people could eventually figure out to click the other option to open in a new window -- but since that is probably the more TYPICAL desired case, what about switching it to be the default? Then if people really thought it made sense to stay in the same window (perhaps they would be linking to another post within the community?), they could still choose that. 

I only say this because now I'm eagerly clicking on the various links new members are putting in their signatures, so I can go see their company site. And the next think you know, I'm digging around that site and have lost the community!

Community Team

Hey Lisa. Just looked into this. We can't flip the default behaviour, but I agree with your point about signature links. They should definitely open up in new tabs. 🙂


Here's a little challenge for anyone who's interested: Let's put together a post about "Community Signature Best Practices".

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