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Some serious bugs and worst service - How do I renew?

I thought godaddy is good for support but I don't really think so. I have a domain and is registered with 


It has already been expired but from 1 month before expiration I can't see any domain in my domains panel. How do I renew it. How????


I called them on support and that guy said "Sorry sir I cannot find it in our database as well and we are trying to recover it and said we will do it soon" and hanged up the phone. 


Now finally today I got the mail that your domain name is been expired. 


Award winning service my foot.

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Hi @hussaindehgam,

its very rarely a good idea to switch off the default auto renew service for whatever reason. As it just causes situations like this often. Then it's unfair to blame support for a choice the client made, and not being able to fix the serious bugs 🐜 .......