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Someone Explain Pricing When Buying a Domain

Does anyone else find it completely misleading when you're buying a domain?


  • I am a customer for years. I pay over $100 each year to be part of a "discount club."
  • I am logged in.
  • I search for a domain.
  • It says "congratulations, it's available for $2.99"
  • I click add to cart. 
  • The cart is $42.35. (5 years at $8.29 per year) There is a green banner at the top saying "Promotion applied" and a promo code pre-populated in the cart.
  • I set the domain to 1 year. The price is $8.29. An orange banner appears saying "Add $31.53 to your cart to receive a 20% discount"
  • I set the domain to 5 years, the green "Promotion applied" banner re-appears, but the price is still $8.29 per year.


I was told I could buy a domain for $2.99, I added it to the cart, the cart automatically made it 5 years at a different price, and automatically added email which was free for the first period but would charge me later, neither of these things I asked for. 


Is anyone else bothered by this?


Don't suggest a price I can't have, don't offer a discount if I'm not eligible, don't put something in my cart I didn't ask for. 


Re: Someone Explain Pricing When Buying a Domain

Hi Allen, 


Discount Domain Club is intended to give you the lowest price for new registrations and renewals. The DDC price you are seeing is $8.29 for the .com domain where our current list price is $14.99. 


It appears that you saw a promo for .com at $2.99 that you may not qualify for. I don't know the specifics of what promo that may have been, but the logic in our shopping cart for DDC members is that we give $8.29 .com registration price OR the lowest promo that's applicable. Without knowing more about the specific promotion I'm afraid I can't say why it did not apply in your case.