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There should be techs and there should be salespeople, but not be techs who are salespeople.

I don't like to contact a techs only to have them try to sell me products that I may or may not need. I contact techs for help and I find more and more they want to charge me for help I used to get free of charge.

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Re: There should be techs and there should be salespeople, but not be techs who are salespeople.

Hey @oldbox,


I can't speak for GoDaddy but I've been in a call center or two in my day. In my experience if you're calling a company that has something to sale then selling is the job of every call center employee. Selling isn't the primary job of every employee but having a tech support specialist recommend you update or switch a product wouldn't be odd? With the way a call center queue works one person may be in several different queues and at high volume in one queue you can expect to get some spill do expect to have someone who is primarily sales answer support calls and versa vice. You can ask ten techs and get six different answers on what is the best GoDaddy product but that's probably just do to knowledge bias?


I've not personally been charged for advanced support from GoDaddy but I actually appreciate that advanced support is offered. GoDaddy also has excellent first level support and I find that my issues are both owned and solved quickly. GoDaddy has additionally provided help documentation and invests heavily in things like this community.


If you have a pending issue why not ask the Community? There is some good information here and frequently others have been through the same issue you might be struggling with. Check out Tips for Getting Help


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