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Uploading an Avatar

Is anyone else having trouble uploading an avatar to their profile here?

I was trying to upload a photo, but no luck.


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Helper IV

Re: Uploading an Avatar

You are not alone. The functionality is slowly being put in place, but no ability to upload quite yet. If you click on your profile you can select another avatar from the ones already available, but not upload your own picture quite yet.

I am sure it will be working soon.

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Re: Uploading an Avatar

Has GoDaddy thought about using the universal gravatar service at  I use this with all of my Wordpress installations and it works well and for those who already have a gravatar its automatically used with your profile.



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Community Manager

Re: Uploading an Avatar

Hey @MtnTallPaul, This is a known bug that we're working on to fix. You can find all of the bugs that we've identified by going to our Community>Community Suggestions>Bug Squashing   Bug Squashing.



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Community Manager

Re: Uploading an Avatar

Give it a shot now. 🙂

Re: Uploading an Avatar

Hi, all . . . new here.


Just signed up today and tried three different images which show in my album but have a cupcake (?) as an avatar?


Not sure what to do.




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Re: Uploading an Avatar

Just noticed it is working now.  Thanks to whoever fixed it!


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Life is better with a song and a laugh.
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Re: Uploading an Avatar



Still not working in my browser, I went into explorer 😉

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