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Urchin analytics

I recently migrated my websites to godaddy. In our old server we  used urchin to obtain analytic data for our websites. I know it is old and discontinued after it was bought by Google several years ago. 

However, we have historic date that we need to keep and present. 

We have migrated the data but we can now display it. It generates licencing error and shows nothing.


Anybody has any idea on how to resolve this problem? How to display historic data from urchin. Ideally I want to import it to google analytics but that may be stretching it too far. I am happy just to show the past data. Any help will be appreciated.  

Helper VI

Hello @paris2017


I've never use Urchin, but, when I can, I try to help people who ask for help.

Using Google I've found for you 2 links:




I hope it will help you.

Good luck.


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