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User data is either being sold by Godaddy or it's compromised



Eversince we purchased a few domains from Godaddy, we are flooded with SPAM emails offering Website development and SEO.


How and why is this happening? I have been buying domains with them for many years and this never happened earlier.


This needs to stop immediately.



Re: User data is either being sold by Godaddy or it's compromised

Hi @tejasgupta


Thank you for your post. Sounds like you may have recently registered a domain without the privacy protection feature which would most likely be the cause of the extensive amount of SPAM that you are receiving after the domain registration.


Many developers, scammers and other sources will use the public domain databases such as to retrieve registrant information such as names, phone numbers, email addresses and physical addresses to make contact with domain registrants for the purpose of potential business or phishing attempts. 


Listing registrant data for registered domains are a requirement of ICANN, however GoDaddy and many other registrars have chosen to help combat this and protect their clients information with domain privacy which will mask the registrant personal data and replace it with the companies proxy data.


To learn more about this feature I have included a link to the support article. If you would like to add this feature to your domains I recommend contacting our 24/7 support line so that our agents may ensure that all your domains are covered by this type of protection to help avoid any future occurrences of this. 


Private Registration FAQ


Best wishes!


Re: User data is either being sold by Godaddy or it's compromised


@TechFly is correct, this is due to the DNS Registration not being private. These are scammers most of the time who can't even speak English, and the have bots on a unprotected WHO-IS website, and pretend to be partners of GoDaddy. They also will call you with a fake phone number and not stop calling you until you confirm to them that you know they are scammers and they will stop. But yes, they use fake emails, phone numbers, and websites to scratch you for a few hundred and give you a website you can get for free, or even not give you a website at all.

I would suggest you get an Office 365 Account and spam filter subjects related to selling you websites, and not accept fishy phone calls or be rude to them to make it stop.


They use a phone call spoof so they are not reported. The authorities really need to get involved and find out what company is scamming all these people. Maybe someone with the FBI will just create a few sites and wait for the call and trace where there money goes to and then stop the organization for spam and harassing GoDaddy's customers and impersonating partnerships with GoDaddy.