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Web site status check - 300 domain names

As a GoDaddy Reseller (since 1999) I have about 300 domain names to check.  How can we tell if the web sites are up, or parked?   The CSV download of all the web site settings does not show if a domain is parked or off line for some reason.  Pingers only tell us if the site is responding.  The only way to really tell if a site is up is to look at it, or at least a few inches of it.  So I developed a program to produce web pages, 12 per page.  It would be very helpful if GoDaddy could provide such an overview, to maximize the value of the web site registrations.  

Community Manager

Hi @CICorp,

Thanks so much for taking the time to post this question! I'm sending it to our product team to take a look. Take care!


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