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Where's GoDaddy support?!


I mean seriously what the hell happened to GoDaddy support?! I have been a long standing loyal customer of GoDaddy for well over a decade as I was very satisfied with their level of service and high end customer support but now all of it is gone!

GoDaddy support has become unbearably annoying and frustrating and absolutely useless and unpractical!

We are supposed to phone call them now! We can't even raise a support ticket request!

So I am based in Lebanon and the nearest international GoDaddy support center is based in Qatar! So say I want to call them to ask for a refund of some domain I purchased by error that cost on average 10 USD ... I need to spend on international calls tariffs not less than 20 to 30 usd depending on how long they make me wait and in order to explain what I need help with ... Just to ask for a refund of a 10 USD domain name!!! Is that even remotely reasonable or logical?????

They don't entertain any type of email requests anymore ... Just phone calling which put MOST of their customers base in unbearably annoying situation!

Add up to all the above laughable mess is the fact that their so called online live chat support is virtually non existent! I never in the life of me despite choosing almost all countries from the website footer was able to spot this **bleep** chat widget !!! Not once I was able to connect with their online support or sales to ask for technical help or to ask for some custom discount on bulk orders or whatever!

This community is awesome and all but leaves most of the urgent support or customer service requests unanswered and not entertained ... Its a peer to peer community contribution but we need direct and immediate contact with their sales / support / billing ... Things that this community falls short on and fails to meet the expectations of most GoDaddy users and clients.

Honestly I'm extremely pissed off on how bad things got with regards to their support that I am seriously and genuinely considering transferring all my domains to a new registrar ... Something I never thought of doing before... Unless GoDaddy reinstate email and live chat support all across the continents without any form of discrimination based on geographical areas! We are all their clients and we are all entitled to their premium support!


Re: Where's GoDaddy support?!

Hi @Ziadjbt78

We appreciate you voicing all of your concerns. At the moment, there are no plans to bring email support back. Our chat support is available, but due to the amount of customers we have there is usually a wait time. Most domain registrars and hosting companies do not provide the amount of international numbers that we provide across the regions. If you have a technical question, community is an outlet to get an answer without having to call or chat. It is true, we can't assist with account specific issues because we do not have access to any accounts via the forums. We hope that you will continue to be our customer. 

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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