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Why did you discontinue GoMobile? Loved it.

To GoDaddy,



I think the subject pretty much asks my question, but I will ask it again:  


Why did you (GoDaddy) discontinue GoMobile?  


Can we expect a return of similar, insanely simple and quick blog building platform that allows us to host sites on our domains for under $3 a month..... or no, is it gone forever?


I am asking this presuming that GoDaddy has a developer in here somewhere to address questions.... I hope.  I would really like to know.



Best Regards,



Austin Lewis



Digital Marketing Hub


Austin Lewis

Digital Marketing Hub
Community Manager



Thanks for being part of the GoDaddy Community! Great question.


I'm not a developer, so I can't completely answer your question. However, I can let you know that we have a builder in the works that is "mobile first". It will allow users to build and manage their website using a mobile device or desktop. My guess is that we're putting our development resources toward that rather than into GoMobile. 


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