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give this guy a raise

austin was amazing. he was so patient with me as i published my first website. he was filled with great info, suggestions, that were all clear and concise. he spoke clearly (which is helpful to oldsters) and kindly. you are lucky to have him. he made my experience with godaddy happy.

Helper I

Re: give this guy a raise

Usualy support reps are great but its quite ulikely youll ever get to speak to the same person again on  a day to day basis, out of all the times I have used chat support i have been miss-informed once quite badly where I was talked into buying an SSL being told i didnt have one when I did and the latest was an issue with OLS builder, a simple question nobody at godaddy could answer (what is the recommended size dimesnions for a main image slider?")...?


So it depends on who you get through to.