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go daddy scam

Just thought i would share my recent horrific experience with Go Daddy. Somehow my account was hacked into. The person posed as me and purchased a "premium domain name". They did it through the Chat feature. They had all my info so they could answer whatever security questions were apparently asked. I received a confirmation email about  the purchase. I immediately called. They will not refund the purchase because it was a premium domain. They will not say who I supposedly purchased it from, saying that it was a 3rd party, and they can not tell me. Mastercard is no help, and Go Daddy says they investigated and no fraud happened. i am now on the hook for about $2000 canadian. STAY AWAY FROM GO DADDY!!!!! There is a scam that they are a part of to some extent and offer ZERO HELP. Change all your passwords and pin#'s! Not sure how they got my info. The only person benefiting from this is the seller of the domain, whom I assume is also the hacker. They also will not prove that i made the purchase or show me the transcript of the supposed chat. Not without a court order. Ya, they arent hiding anything!!!!

Helper VI

First let me say I'm sorry for what happened to you but in no way you can blame GoDaddy for this.
GoDaddy is bind by law and they can't give you the info about the seller, but let's say that they will give you that info, what will you do? Take the law in your hands?
It is clear for me that the big beneficiary in all of this is the seller so you must act quickly and make an official complain to the law enforcement from your country.
I hope that you will calm down and let the law enforcement officers to investigate your case.
I'm not an employee of GoDaddy, I'm just a customer (from 2007).
Good luck.


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