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go daddy sucks

I have been a loyal customer of Godaddy for more than 10 years, but today made it over for me.

**bleep** GO DADDY


That bleep pisses me off. They screwed me, and I can't use a bad word?


**bleep** YOU GO DADDY


 Maybe you should look at customer service and your website user portal. Y'all used to be useable. You have made yourself just another one in the reseller pack. You threw away your name.


**bleep** YOU

I know the feeling.. have had a string of bad luck / bad service the past few days.  Hoping things can get better!


Agreed - Seems lately for the last year I receive calls from GoDaddy regularly where they attempt to "sell me something to make my business more productive"> However a few months back I had my debit card stolen and couldn't make hosting payments until the new one came in . The new card would be coming in within 2 days. I made the call to GoDaddy to see if they could wait and not kick my business site offline until I get the new card number on file to charge. Long story short they suspended my account anyway. Think I'm getting sick of GoDaddy making calls to provide me with "better products" all of the time when their web hosting is getting crappier by the day and customer support seems to be getting more ignorant as well


Same here customer for over 10 years and we lost thousands of dollars in revenue with their email outage, and last time was a DNS hack etc. Done with this garbage company. Moved all domains to (much cheaper and free WHOIS privacy), and will be moving all email services as well. They could not even give us some money back after all the losses from yesterday.
Make sure to let everyone know about the horrific service from GD, and hope they go under very soon!