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Compliment for GoDaddy sales specialist Jeremiah H

I had a problem with my email earlier today and had the good fortune of having my call answered by Jeremiah. For the near-hour that we were on the line, he was not only patient and helpful, but he showed real interest in helping me out, asked questions, and took the hassle out of a frustrating technical issue by offering ideas and solutions. Just as importantly, he was very easy to talk to and asked about me as a person, not just a customer! He's a keeper!

Super User III
Super User III

Re: Compliment for GoDaddy sales specialist Jeremiah Heartkin

Jeremiah is a good guy. He was on my first team when I was in inbound there. One of the biggest reasons I miss the job is because of that team.


Glad to hear he took care of you!

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Re: Compliment for GoDaddy sales specialist Jeremiah H

Hey @barrierorbust84. Thanks for taking the time to share this! Glad Jeremiah was able to help you out. I'll get this passed on to his leadership so he can be recognized Man Very Happy




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