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General Godaddy website inconveniences.

For the benefit of your customers that are not in USA, please change your date display system everywhere, especially in your billing system, to show the name of the month and not the number of the month. To some people "12/10/2016" means 12 October and not 10 December. It is easy to eliminate that possible confusion.

And why is the only option for customer service "Live Chat"? Why did I have to come all the way here to community in order to make these two suggestions? There should be a customer feedback option on the homepage.


Re: General Godaddy website inconveniences.

Hey @BRD,


Welcome to the community! Smiley Happy


Appreciate you taking the time to share this feedback. I'll be sure to forward this to our front of site developers who should be able to take this into consideration for our future site updates they have planned.



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Re: General Godaddy website inconveniences.

I second those notes, just 10% or less of the population recognise American date format. O Godaddy only interested in American sales? 

Seriously thinking of changing to a European service