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Godaddy is the most ridicules service provider on planel

Since 2 days i have been trying to access my account without any luck. due to 2-factor authentication enabled i could not access my account because im not receiving any SMS with code. i posted on community yesterday regarding the issue and they simply delete my post. now thats what i called Award wining support!


is there any email or other method other then phone call i can communicate and resolve my issue?


i have fallen in hosting issue before and even then Godaddy support was unavailable. they have live chat operators only for sales page so that they can grab only new fools(like me).


since then i remove my hosting elsewhere. but i have no option to until my domains are here which im pretty sure ill remove as well this time.

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Re: Godaddy is the most ridicules service provider on planel

Sorry that you are having an issue with logging into your account, I have been there and I feel your pain @tarek. Please note that I'm not a GoDaddy employee, I'm only a user like yourself. One of the things I love is two-factor authentication on website and I appreciate that GoDaddy has it (that's just a bit of a kudo to GoDaddy).


For your issue on your login screen after you enter your password and you go to the secondary authentication hit the No code? just above the Verification code window and it will take you to a screen "Problems with your code? We understand, it happens. Luckily, you've setup multiple factors so we can confirm your identity" and go through that process. I have found that GoDaddy authentication messages typically arrive quickly and have rarely had an issue but the alternative login method should do the job for you? Additionally once you are logged in you might want to double check the settings and setup your cell phone in the system again. I hope that helps?

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