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    503 error - WordPress Managed Hosting not available

    Hi Go Daddy,


    My site has been down for over an hour with an 503 server error,


    I tried to enter the WordPress Managed Hosting to check on the problem but its page just keeps loading.


    My site:

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    Advocate VII

    Hi @wpmh_gd,


    I checked your site and didn't get a 503 error.  Did you recently update a theme or plugin?  503's are often caused by insufficient server resources and raise their ugly head after an update.  


    There are several good threads throughout the community on wp server resources.  Perhaps up your memory and php execution time?


    Hope this helps,


    Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites

    For us this happens on a regular basis and we don't even have that many visitors. Max 3 at the same time. I've been in touch with GoDaddy support and they are useless as always. We are never using Godaddy and I don't recommend them to anyone. 

    I am also experiencing this issue on a different site, contacted support and was very disapointed by the quality and inaptness. The idea of a managed service is to reduce administrative overhead and downtime and this is not being provided by GD. How do I contact the complaints department as I request compensation for this frequent issue.