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    Accessing Wordpress Managed Site while DNS Disconnected how to access the Wordpress hosted site



    I've temporarily redirected my website while we create our new page (Forwarding in the DNS), and I am trying to access the archived site. We are on Wordpress only hosting, and I left the wordpress site alone--just redirected the domain. Can you recommend how to access the Wordpress hosted site while disconnected from the domain?



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    You should be able to access via your temporary domain.  


    Go to your Managed Hosting dashboard. 

    Click on the account/domain.

    Click the WP-ADMIN green box to go the the Admin.


    If that does not work, click the 3 dots next to the green WP-ADMIN button and select change domain.


    On the next page you'll see the temporary domain that you can use to access your site that will look something like:





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