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    Adding existing website to new hosting package

    Hi, my previous basic WordPress hosting package expired and I lost access to my website. I purchased a new hosting package yesterday and was told that I can transfer the original website to this new package. However, I can't get into the original website to do anything with it. I've been told that GoDaddy has backups of sites and my former admin tells me that my site was backed up so it should be possible for GoDaddy to just transfer my existing site to the new package, right? It's a GoDaddy hosted WordPress site, not one previously hosted on an external server, so I shouldn't have to pay the $99 (or whatever it costs) to get it back - and I'm unwilling to do so. Any advice?

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    You will need to contact first godaddy if they can still retrieve the expired website. So you have 2 scenarios here:


    1. If the website files are still retrievable, you will need to pay a fee for them to retrieve it. Then you will need to purchase the same hosting plan(the one that got expired) so that godaddy can transfer the website files to the new one. So the question is, did you purchase  a basic wordpress hosting package or a different one? If it is a different one, call godaddy to refund your money to acquire the correct hosting plan.


    2. If the website files are already deleted, then there's nothing you can do here.

    Advocate VII

    Hi @nick_amies,


    How long ago did the plan expire?  Depending on how long ago the plan expired, any backup that GoDaddy MAY have is archived.  That is not the same as a simple restore.


    I notice you mentioned a "former admin".  Did this person have any off-site backups?  


    Typically, before a service is cancelled, the cancellation is preceded by several emails unless you have turned off notifications.  The expiration process is very automated.  Once an account expires, it goes into limbo (so to speak) for a SHORT while, then its removed.  in many cases, renewal notifications may begin as many as 90 days prior to cancellation.  If the emails sent to these notifications were delivered successfully, but yet were not given a response then no response indicates no need for service.  what else can GoDaddy do?


    Because you asked for advice, may I offer mine. Your situation is not uncommon. What I tell most is to treat your website presence just like you would property. Your domain name is your deed. How you use your servers, that's what you build on the property. As a property owner you maintain the deed. Take those same responsibilities as your own particularly if you are a small business. If you get help with your property, do so in the same way that you would getting help on real property. Many people do this through a legal contract.


    Now, for the $99. If your website wasn't worth $99 , don't worry about paying it and start over. If this lesson only cost you $99, be thankful. I talked to someone last night, literally, where a similar mistake is cost over $1000.


    Hope this helps,








    Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites

    Thanks James. The package expired three days ago at most. Once I realised what happened, I bought the exact same package again so it shouldn't be a problem for GoDaddy to restore the site (in theory). Hearing what you say about paying $1000, I'd now pay the $99 just to get it sorted! Unfortunately, the customer support is non-existent right now, I can't get hold of anyone at GoDaddy in any way. I see in the Community that I'm not alone in having that problem...

    Hi @nick_amies,

    Heard that on the support..  If you can't get it resolved send me a PM.


    These are the kinds of little things that turn into such a huge pain to say the least.  I once turned off the auto-renew on 8 domains.  When I found they were expired = $$$$.  Many of us feel your pain!



    Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites