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    Better Sync UX

    I am underwhelmed with the UX for the Managed WordPress hosting staging sync system. Currently if I want to sync from production to staging, for instance, I can choose to do so and I am then thrown back to the Managed WordPress Sites landing page with no confirmation that the sync has started. I do get an error in the modal window when attempting to sync, if I cannot sync, but no clear communication that the syncing process has started. Furthermore if I go back into the Staging settings for a site that I just hit sync on, sometimes I am confronted with check marks saying things are synced but I am not sure it actually happened. The reason why this is confusing is if I have deleted plugins on the production site, then synced back to the staging site, get no visual feedback of success because technically the check mark was always there, login to the backend on the staging site and go to the plugins area -- the old plugins I deleted from production are still there. 


    I understand this is a 'feature' of the system. IE you don't flush out the plugins folder syncing either way but it causes me to wonder if the sync even happened. A simple solution would be to put a date/time stamp on the staging landing page in order to show the user when the last sync was done. It feels clunky and leaves opportunities to confuse. 

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    Hey @frankstallone,


    Welcome to the community! Smiley Happy


    Appreciate you taking the time to share this feedback. There is definitely some room for improvement; so I'll be sure these suggestions are passed along to our developers to take into consideration for future updates they're planning. 


    Feel free to share more suggestions to help us make a better experience for you and others. 


    CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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    Thanks for reaching out. We have added a story to our next sprint to add some additional UX around our staging experience. We will update both the UX around creating a staging site, and syncing staging sites. 


    Appreciate the feedback and we will update you once it is complete.