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    Can´t access wp-admin after Jetpack update fail



    This weekend i was updating my plugins from the wp-admin. Jetpack failed to updated and since I cannot even get access to the admin.

    Wordpress is sending email daily with links to debug mode - but this i also cannot update.


    From my Wordpress App, i have tried to update, but it just sayd updating Jetpack is failing.


    I have newest updates on my hosted WordPress via GoDaddy.


    Running Debug from Jetpack´s homepage give me this reply: 


    XML-RPC is not responding correctly ( 500 )

    It looks like XML-RPC is not responding correctly. Please make sure XML-RPC is turned on for your site and is set up to respond to all content types. You can test this yourself by running the following command from the command line:

    Don´t know if anyone is experiencing the same issues or know how i might be able to get my back up again?


    Best regards


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    Re: Can´t access wp-admin after Jetpack update fail



    I'm really surprised the recovery mode link isn't working, I haven't heard of anyone with that issue as of yet.


    One thing to do is FTP to your site and then goto wp-content/plugins - as you know JetPack is the issue - one option is to delete the folder, the other is to rename it for example JetPack-DISABLED


    This way when WordPress goes to load it will fail on loading the plugin and continue on vs generating the error while loading it

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    Re: Can´t access wp-admin after Jetpack update fail/?isc=gdcommment


    Thanks for the quick reply, this is highly appreciated
    After a few days of trying to connect to the WP admin, yesterday - from my
    phone i managed to access the site.

    When accessing the Admin i got a reply that Jetpack had been disabled. From
    Wordpress i guess, but i am not sure.

    In either case, the page now works.

    Thanks again for your help