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    Can't upload DOCX files (managed worpdress)

    It wont work because godaddy has blocked docx/doc extension file from being uploaded for security reason.since this is simply blackmail; DOCX is a common and legitimate file format.


    My whole project gone in waste due to this simple problem and all money waste..3 days continuously contact over chat and phone just repeated answers no solution


    support chat not available and over phone they just hold and disconnect


    Sales team give stupid answers like just purchase another plan...they just don't care about customer money wasting or not


    I have 2 managed WordPress and 1 shared hosting


    don't plan if you are going to managed word press with godaddy..not recommend..

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    Re: Can't upload DOCX files (managed worpdress)

    most fuddu company in the word.. i have never seen such support in my life..


    wasted lot of money here


    Re: Can't upload DOCX files (managed worpdress)

    support has only one answer


    we cannot provide this but they can't explain why


    as a consumer we have right to know why not possible but they are not explaining..


    All friends i suggest don't go for hosting with godaddy..

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    Re: Can't upload DOCX files (managed worpdress)

    Hi @bn2,


    The reason for not allowing docx/doc files on shared hosting is security.  You will not only find this restriction on GoDaddy, but MANY other hosting services offering managed WordPress.   Until you get to the level where you rent/buy your own server you will run into restrictions.  That's the world of SHARED hosting.  We only get to do exactly what we want to do on private servers.


    One easy solution would be to convert your documents to PDF files for distribution.  Microsoft/Adobe integration for the distribution of documents is a very well accepted solution.  Anyone who has Word can open a PDF and PDF can save to a doc file. 


    Hope this helps,


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