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    Change Domain Pending - Stuck at 50%

    About two weeks ago, I purchased Managed WordPress Hosting from GoDaddy and very successfully migrated my site to them using their automated process. Excellent. No issues. Took only about an hour.


    I then went through their process of assigning my existing domain (already under GoDaddy control for many days) to the site. Excellent. No issues.


    There was then a step, details of which I don't fully recall, that was presented to me that would allow visitors to access the site using both domainname.com and www.domainname.com. I clicked my way through that process and was then returned to the landing page in my GoDaddy account for Managed WordPress Hosting. That screen showed that the domain changes were pending and the green thermometer bar showed the progress at 50%. 


    That is STILL where that progress bar sits today after about 6 days or so of waiting. And, since it is still in progress, the adjacent pop-up links that would take me to the "WP Admin", "Overview", "Domains", and "Remove" options are greyed out and unavailable. 


    I should point out that even though the GoDaddy interface says things are 50% in progress, I am able to go directly to the site via the domain name, and I am successfully able to get to the domainname.com/wp-admin/ area of the site where I can log in with my WordPress credentials and do any of the things anyone ever does within WordPress. 


    It is ONLY the GoDaddy Managed WordPress hosting interface that is screwed up.


    This morning I triggered a GoDaddy online support chat session with GoDaddy rep, Jagriti, thinking this would be a quick fix for them. After trying to be helpful for over two hours, nothing had been accomplished (glad to share the transcript if anyone is curious or having trouble sleeping). Near the end of the support session, Jagriti shared that GoDaddy doesn't actually do any of the Managed WordPress hosting, but that all of that is actually handled through WordPress.com - that was news to me. Jagriti insisted that the problem was a hidden ".maintenance" file in the root directory of my WordPress installation that was causing their interface to be screwed up. He said that if I could delete that file, the GoDaddy interface would correct itself. After successfully accessing the WordPress installation using SFTP, that proved to be incorrect. No such file exists. And yes, I made sure to show all hidden files - I could even see the .htaccess file for the site, but no .maintenance file.


    He then went on to say that to fix the GoDaddy interface problem, I would have to contact the WordPress.com support personnel and tell them about the problem so that THEY (WordPress) could take steps to correct the GoDaddy interface problem. Is that crazy or is it just me? After two+ hours in a chat with this guy, I was beginning to think that maybe I was going crazy. Regardless, I'm not planning to create an account at WordPress.com so that I can reach out to their support team and ask them questions about why my GoDaddy web management interface isn't working!


    I've scoured these forums for similar situations and found a few. Each said the resolution was to get GoDaddy support people to escalate the problem to the next level of GoDaddy support. Well, Jagriti didn't offer that as an option so here I am, hoping to either find someone who knows how I can handle this myself, or someone from GoDaddy who has more experience than Jagriti.


    I've got the full transcript if anyone things sharing that will help. I have screenshots of the problem interface if that helps. And I have screenshots from the FTP access showing the complete absence of the ".maintenance" file claimed to be the problem.


    Since I can successfully access and work with the WordPress site directly, I guess I could just do nothing, leave the interface screwed up, and hope I never have to make any domain name adjustments. But, I'd prefer to get this corrected.


    Does anyone have any suggestions?





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    Re: Change Domain Pending - Stuck at 50%



    Regrettably you were mis-informed. The Managed WordPress offering is NOT WordPress.com 


    1) This is something that most of the chat agents cannot resolve and needs to be escalated

    2) As I have MANY Managed WordPress sites, I've seen this happen from time to time, where one of the scripts in GoDaddy times out and although it does everything in the background the "Hosting Dashboard" does not get updated.


    If you are able to call in that would be best but if chat is your only option what I would suggest is when you get on chat, please tell them that you have having an issue with your "Hosting Dashboard" 

    (myh.godaddy.com) and that a site has been stuck at 50% in updating the domain. 


    They more than likely will have to escalate it to a system admin to be resolved. When I've called in when doing this, they usually can do it right then and there and is resolved in a few minutes.


    Over chat, they may have to open a ticket. From the time you speak with them it should be a few minutes to a few hours depending on whom they speak with, but it should then be resolved - the important part is to say that this is the Hosting Dashboard and confirm the URL i mentioned above.




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    Re: Change Domain Pending - Stuck at 50%



    I will proceed by calling support directly to arrange for this escalation and (presumably) resolution!







    Re: Change Domain Pending - Stuck at 50%

    Thank you @PL281! for providing a quite triumph concept and knowledge with such an expertise information through which mine problem was sorted out.

    Re: Change Domain Pending - Stuck at 50%

    As a quick update, I did reach out to GoDaddy support by phone. I was connected to Shawn who very quickly sorted out the situation, triggered the solution - as you described, and got everything back in order!


    Thank you again for some really great advice!