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    Connection failed and http connection timeout errors

    Hi -- recently did a bit of a site revamp and as far as I can tell that is not related to this, but my GoDaddy Managed Wordpress site has been experiencing a few seemingly-related issues.
    The site is

    Here's what I can gather:

    1. Often when I go to the site for a few seconds my browser will not connect and then eventually auto-refresh to the site. I can sometimes see an "ERR_EMPTY RESPONSE" on this.

    2. When I check the site load time, etc. on Google PageSpeed ( it will occasionally (maybe one out of every three times) give a response to either mobile or desktop: ERR_CONNECTION_FAILED 
    3. When verifying cards on Twitter (this is how I first clocked on to a larger problem) here it will also often (but not always) return: "ERROR: Failed to fetch page due to: HttpConnectionTimeout"

    I have tried deactivating plugins, etc.

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    Have you tried enabling debug with logging to see if there is any errors happening on the sites content?



    Or maybe see if there is any PHP processes eating up resources on your manage wordpress hosting?


    Disabling plugins could help but if there are already php processes being ran even after you disable the plugin it can still be running.


    You can kill php by toggling your php version and then going back to it. May take a minute or two to take effect.

    I did briefly try and there were a few PHP image loading errors -- though clearing those out didn't seem to do the trick and ended up messing with some CSS, so I reverted them back.

    How can I check for PHP processes taking up resources?

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    You would have to do it via SSH and check the PHP processes from there. I haven't done it myself on manage wordpress personally only on cPanel. You can see if there's a plugin for that otherwise a GoDaddy hosting guide can let you know if there is anything php proceses running in the background.

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    I've reproduced this on a number of my own Managed WordPress sites - there seems to be some sort of underlying system issue at play here - I have flagged it / submitted it to be looked at - I don't know that I'll be able to post any sort of updates but it should be resolved and then just work as expected.

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    Interesting -- at least I'm not the only one, but I've had visitors ask what's going on, it seems like something that should be fixed quickly on GoDaddy's end, as getting the connection failed and http connection timeout errors is a pretty bad look.